About Us

Accuracy_Innovations_Logo_160.jpgSabot Technologies, Inc. began as Accuracy Innovations Inc. back in 1990 completing the first demographics of slug shooters in America in order to promote its (now named) Universal Arbor - the first arbor to bore-align shotguns.  STI has grown to pull together sources in drafting, research, testing, development, marketing, graphics, mold/plastics industry in order to become the most formidable company in the knowledge of slug shooting.


If you haven't figured out yet who the owner and brains of this remarkable company, then you are a newbie to the industry. Rich-Profilex375.jpgRichard Knoster has continued to impress upon the industry that nothing is as important as helping to educate the end consumer in becoming a better shooter. In doing so he speaks directly with customers as much as possible while he continues with his passion in developing new products. 

Sabot Technologies Inc. has consulted with various State Game departments and other organizations on the benefits of slug hunting areas.  A constant concern has been to, as the popular term is today, "Go-Green".  And yes, there have been advances over the years in developing products to reduce lead use in the shooting industry.  STI has a latest development that is in the approval stages in states, such as California, that require 'lead-free' ammunition.  An introduction of this new product is expected in the near future.

At Sabot Technologies Inc. we strive to have our components produced here in America.  We out source production and assembly to local organizations which help our community to include special needs and non-profit organizations.  STI is a part of a growing community in South Western Pennsylvania which is expanding its growth in industrial development.  Yet it's primary industries are tourism and farming.  A beautiful community to visit. Check out www.bedfordcounty.net  In fact, we have a beautiful covered bridge just outside our office!CoveredBridge_150px.jpg