Sabot Pressure Wad, 12 ga - EMPTY (20 wads/bag)

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Sabot Pressure Wad, 12 ga - EMPTY (20 wads/bag) More Details

  • Outside Dia.:         0.727 cal. solid wall sabot w/double chevrons
  • Total Length:         1.55 inches
  • Cavity Depth:        0.620 inches
  • Cavity Dia:            0.50 inches
  • Weight:                 77 grains

 The 12 Gauge SPW can be loaded with a pure lead .50 caliber factory bullet or one of your own casting.

Bullets that are jacketed or coated will not be effective due to their inability to set back in the splines for grip to get the full rotational spin.

NOTE: Load Data is not supplied with empty SPWs.

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