Sabot Pressure Wad w/Slug, 12Ga


Good News! is recommending a new powder for loading their 12 gauge SPW with hammerhead slug. It is called Pro Reach Long Range powder for 12 gauge by Alliant. A big thank you to long time customer, Mr. Larson for sharing the load information in using this powder.  The 'Larson Load' has proven to be more comfortable on the shoulder when shooting and is very accurate.   12gaSPW-LoadData_3-2015.jpg



STI Sabot Pressure Wad - SPW  This one unit piece incorporates a sabot, aerodynamic vortex, double chevron cushion, and gas seal.  There is no other single unit piece available nor a sabot/wad team so aerodynamically designed to create a longer in flight profile to produce the precision results as is called for in the shooting industry today.  We are sure you will find this product to be the most exceptional sabot slug that you have had the pleasure of shooting.


NOTE:   The slug compartment is splined to hold the slug in place guaranteeing maximum rotational spin to the bullet from the barrel rifling therefore increasing the accuracy. 

  • Suggested loading information is included with every order.

  • You can design loads to your specifications. Not all shooters are looking for the same results, but are shooting for the same target - accuracy.

  • Load for your preferences. You will find that when you are loading for velocity and a flat trajectory pressures can tend to be down from the norm of other wads due to the double chevron of the SPW. Therefore with some loads you will enjoy lower recoil and better performance than what is found in factory loaded ammunition - Just another little design benefit.

  • There are no velocity restrictions on the SPW.  It works equally as well at 1600 fps and beyond as it does at 1000 fps.  You choose the velocity you wish to shoot and the energy you wish to deliver.

TIP:  It is not necessary to have a 1/28" twist rate barrel to use the SPW.  A 1/34" twist rate barrel produces the same results due to the special design of the SPW.)